terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2011

What is Corpographie?

Corpographie is a scientific research carried out between Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Brazil, Information Science) and University Paris Est (Céditec Team, Science of Language). This study aims to define, discuss and highlight the writing of the body in space and the inclusion of space in the body, through the analysis of the gestural movement of improvisation in contemporary dance in different public spaces. To accomplish such research, we invite dancers living in South America or Europe to make videos, about three minutes lenght, in a public space of their choice taking into account the fact that the participant already live in city.

How to participate?

The research has three simple steps:
  1. The first one consists of completing a brief online entry form, which is intended to collect data that allow us to trace the participant´s profile and, thereby, select them.
  2. The second stage deals with the video recording in the space settled between participants and researchers, as well as its upload in a channel on youTube. This step must be performed by the dancers so they will need to have their own access to technical resources such as camera and computer recording. However, the video does not need to be edited and it will not be required to have a high technical quality, what is important to us is a faithful record of improvisation, so the "homemade" video will be welcome.
  3. The third step is to answer a questionnaire, which will be sent after the registration of videos.

Who can participate?

View the profile of the dancers that we are looking for to contribute to our research: 
  • Someone who has availability and interest in the research topic;
  • Professionals or amateur dancers;
  • Someone who has some experience in improvisation in contemporary dance;
  • Dancers of any age and sex; 
  • Someone who lives today in countries of South America or Europe;
  • Someone who speaks one of these four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish or French;
  • Someone who can dance in a public space in their city;
  •  Someone who can make the record of improvisation on video and post it on youtube;
  • Someone who is willing to follow the guidelines of the research;
  • Someone with easy Internet access to stay in touch with us.

What are the financial resources of the research?

Attention, this is an academic research which has no financial resources for its implementation in practice. So the participants will not be compensated by the activity or receive any type of financial aid. This is an unpaid contribution, but properly attested.

On diffusion, credits and certificate

The video images will be used solely for the purposes of conducting and disseminating research. In addition to the thesis to be written, we intend to develop a site as an end result of records, where all analyzed videos will be arranged. An international certificate of participation in research will be issued in the name of each dancer, probably sent via email. Every exhibition of the videos will be credited to the respective participants